45: The Blob (1958, Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr.)

October 23rd, 2019

It creeps and leaps and glides and slides across the floor... It's our episode on The Blob, the original cult classic starring a young Steve McQueen! We begin with Cesar's take on Takashi Miike's most recent film, First Love (Hatsukoi); and C.J. briefly discusses two recent rewatches from 1985: House and Clue. Following our main discussion, we've included a quick bonus conversation about Todd Phillips' Joker.

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35: Charade (1963, Stanley Donen)

September 10th, 2018

We haven't done a sixties movie since our first episode on THE HUSTLER; so, we're going back to that decade to discuss Stanley Donen's CHARADE, a movie that features two of the biggest stars of the fading Hollywood studio system: Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn.

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34: All About Eve (1950, Joseph L. Mankiewicz)

August 14th, 2018

For this episode C.J. is joined by frequent guest of the show, Ms. Chelsea Dove, to talk about Jospeh Mankiewicz's ALL ABOUT EVE.

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24: Marathon Man (1976, John Schlesinger)

March 20th, 2018

Episode 24 delves into the dark and twisty intrigue of John Schlesinger's MARATHON MAN. "Is it safe?" You'll have to listen to find out.

20: East of Eden (1955, Elia Kazan)

February 2nd, 2018

James Dean made only three movies in his short career, and C.J. managed to never see any of them. So, our first episode of 2018 covers Dean's film debut, Elia Kazan's 1955 adaptation of John Steinbeck's EAST OF EDEN.

15: Young Frankenstein (1974, Mel Brooks)

November 6th, 2017

YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, Mel Brook's hilarious take on the classic man-creates-monster story of Mary Shelly, is the subject of our latest episode.

3: Dog Day Afternoon (1975, Sidney Lumet)

August 31st, 2016

Episode 3 covers Sidney Lumet's DOG DAY AFTERNOON. A lot of this is simply a Pacino lovefest, which should be no surprise, but we talk shop about Chris Sarandon, Charles Durning, John Cazale, and much more! Some quick bits at the beginning cover Fury, A History of Violence, Arrested DevelopmentJellyfish Eyes, and some spoiler-free thoughts on Star Trek Beyond. Subscribe on iTunes, and don't forget to follow us on Twitter: @juniorbeho and @settingtheframe

2: Sorcerer (1977, William Friedkin)

August 20th, 2016

The long-delayed Episode 2 covers William Friedkin's SORCERER. Some of the shop talk and box office results we discuss at the beginning should be a dead giveaway that this was recorded a while ago. We'll be playing catch-up over the next couple episodes and should be working closer to the present by Episode 5, so bear with us. Don't forget to let us know what you think by dropping a comment here or on Itunes, and please subscribe and review the show on Itunes, also!

1: The Hustler (1961, Robert Rossen)

August 4th, 2016

This discussion on Robert Rossen's 1961 drama-noir THE HUSTLER is a bit rough around the edges. I don't think either myself or Cesar were happy with the end result, but it was ultimately a good thing for us to shake off the cobwebs and figure out how to pace ourselves for an hour-long show. There was a technical glitch around the twenty-minute mark, so I took that opportunity to fill some dead air with vintage trailer audio, which runs about three minutes. "Growing pains," as Cesar put it during the final minutes of the episode. I've already listened to the raw audio file for Episode 2, and it's much better; so there's that to look forward to, anyway.

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